Bass Pro Mills Drive Extension Project Updates

Notice of Study Commencement – March 5, 2020 (PDF)

Notice of Online Public Information Centre 1 - Nov. 19, 2020 (PDF)

PIC 1 Summary Report – April 12, 2021 (PDF)

Response to Key PIC 1 Comments – April 12, 2021 (PDF)

Notice of Online Public Information Centre 2 - August 12, 2021 (PDF)

PIC 2 Summary Report - October 12, 2021 (PDF)


Following the 30-day review period, further correspondence with the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) took place resulting in modifications to the recommended plan for the Highway 400 bridge crossing only. Please see below for the revised ESR, revised Agency Correspondence (Appendix O.4) and revised Preliminary Design (Appendix L) as of March, 2023.


Notice of Study Completion – August 18, 2022 (PDF)
Bass Pro Mills Drive Extension EA - Environmental Study Report – August 2022 (PDF)

Appendix A - Socio-Economic Environment Memorandum (PDF)

Appendix B - Traffic Impact Assessment (PDF) 
Appendix C - Cultural Heritage Overview Memorandum (PDF)
Appendix D - Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment (PDF)
Appendix E - Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF)
Appendix F - Climate Change Assessment Report (PDF)
Appendix G - Stormwater Management Report (PDF)
Appendix H - Fluvial Geomorphological Assessment (PDF)
Appendix I -  Contamination Overview Study (PDF)
Appendix J - Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Desktop Review (PDF)
Appendix K - Crossing Assessment Memo (PDF)
Appendix L - Preliminary Design (PDF)
Appendix M - Noise Impact Assessment (PDF)
Appendix N - Air Quality Assessment (PDF)
Appendix O - Consultation Plan (PDF)
Appendix O.2 - Notices (PDF)
Appendix O.3 - PIC Summary Reports (PDF)
Appendix O.4 - Agency Correspondence (PDF)
Appendix O.5 - Technical Advisory Committee (PDF)
Appendix O.6 - Stakeholder Group (PDF)
Appendix O.7 - Property Owners (PDF)
Appendix O.8 - Indigenous Communities (PDF)
Appendix O.9 - Public Correspondence (PDF)


Bass Pro Mills Drive Extension EA - Environmental Study Report - revised March 2023 (PDF)

Appendix L - Preliminary Design - revised March 2023 (PDF)

Appendix O.4 - Agency Correspondence - revised March 2023 (PDF)