Vaughan Official Plan, Volume 1, Archive

Vaughan Official Plan 2010 archived versions of Volume 1:​

City of Vaughan Official Plan 2010, Volume 1 - version which shows Council adoption on September 7, 2010, subject to Council modifications on September 27, 2011, March 20, 2012 and April 17, 2012, as modified and endorsed by Regional Council on June 28, 2012. However, at this point was not approved by the Ontario Municipal Board:


Volume 1: Schedules





City of Vaughan: Official Plan 2010, Volume 1 - As originally adopted by Council on September 7, 2010.



Volume 1: Schedules



City of Vaughan Official Plan, Volume 1 (DRAFT): Response to Public Consultation


Click below to view materials regarding Vaughan's Draft Official Plan, Volume 1. Click PART A for an index of public correspondence, then PART B for summary of those requests and concerns, and staff recommendations.





City of Vaughan Official Plan: Volume 1 (DRAFT)


Click below to view a draft of Volume 1 of the City's new Official Plan entitled "A Plan for Transformation" released on April 19, 2010.