Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

Transportation Demand Management, known more simply as TDM, consists of specialized policies, targeted programs, innovative mobility services, and products that encourage people to use sustainable modes of transportation, rather than driving alone, or make fewer trips by car. It is policy of Vaughan Council to encourage and support city-wide and local TDM programs.

As Vaughan’s population and travel needs grow, TDM will be increasingly necessary to promote efficient movement. A variety of TDM strategies at a number of scales, ranging from building-specific efforts to regional initiatives such as the successful Smart Commute program will assist in reducing single-occupant vehicle travel and congestion.


The following are a few examples of TDM measures:

  • Charging for car parking
  • Emergency ride home program for sustainable commuters
  • Priority parking spaces for carpools
  • Discounted transit passes
  • Bike racks
  • Changeroom and shower facilities for cyclists
  • Telecommuting programs and flexible work hours


TDM measures are packaged together by workplaces, schools or other organizations. To create TDM Plans (or Travel Plans), the City requires new office and residential buildings to develop TDM Plans for Site Plan approval.


School Travel Planning

The City of Vaughan works with schools to develop school travel programs that encourage more children to walk and cycle to/from school. The City works with community stakeholders to identify barriers to active transportation and develop School Travel Plans with tailored action plans.