Bruno Dal Colle Vaughan Civic Hero Award

Bruno Dal Colle was presented with the first-ever City of Vaughan Civic Hero Award in December 2005 for ensuring that Vaughan remains a clean and beautiful city.

Bruno Dal Colle - Ward 2 Civic Hero Award, 2005


Bruno was recognized by Vaughan Council for improving the appearance of Woodbridge for nearly 20 years by personally collecting litter in the neighbourhood.


"These awards are meant to honour our residents whose acts reflect the kind of responsible citizenship embodied in the City of Vaughan's Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities," said Ward 2 Councillor Tony Carella, who nominated Mr. Dal Colle for the award. "The declaration speaks of the right of citizens to live in a municipality that safeguards the natural environment, and of the responsibility of citizens to avoid behaviour that threatens the natural environment. Bruno's actions make our City a better place to live, and for that we are truly grateful."