VMC Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is Vaughan’s emerging downtown. The City is undertaking the VMC Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan to guide the timely development of parks and open space in the VMC and create a world-class public realm. It includes the creation of a signage strategy to make it easier to navigate this area. The study presents a rare opportunity to think boldly about the city, the way people understand and move through it, and the role of parks and open space in modern urban life.


Establishing a network of high-quality parks and open space will be an essential part of the VMC’s infrastructure – and community input continues to be vital to its success. Through collaboration with residents and stakeholders, the City is committed to developing a Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan that is innovative, accessible, sustainable and safe, and fosters connectivity, physical activity, health and wellness for all citizens.


You can help refine the plan.


From Tuesday, Nov. 16 until Thursday, Dec. 9, review the draft master plan to see what has been accomplished to date. An online presentation outlining the study’s goals, key findings, approach to the plan, park and facility options and more is available. You can also provide input through an open-form comment tool. Feedback collected will help staff refine and complete the draft VMC Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan.