Special Event and Film Permits

A Special Events permit is required to hold a variety of special events in the City of Vaughan, such as athletic events (community runs or races), outdoor exhibitions, filming (including student filming), parades, processions, festivals, and street parties/social events.

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Events that do not require a permit

Note that farmer's market, events at places of worship and political rallies do not require a Special Events Permit, however must be compliant with other City By-laws, such as with respect to Noise, Parking, etc...


Before you apply for a special event permit 

  • Facilities:  If your event will be at  a City-owned facility, please book the facility through Recreation Services  prior to applying for a Special Event permit.   
  • Fireworks: If you would like to have fireworks at your special event, please obtain a Fireworks permit.  
  • Petting zoos, food vendors and personal services (such as hair dressing or tattooing):  If you would like to have a petting zoo, food vendor or personal service at your event, York Region requires that you complete their applicable forms, which are also required to be submitted with your City of Vaughan application. 


Options to apply


1. On the Licensing Portal:

 2. In person or by mail to: By-Law and Compliance, Licensing & Permit Services, Vaughan City Hall, Level 100, 2141 Major Mackenzie Dr., Vaughan, ON  L6A 1T1.


3.  Via the drop-boxes located at the entrances of Vaughan City Hall. Via the drop-boxes located at the entrances of Vaughan City Hall.


4. By e-mail to: bylaw.licensing@vaughan.ca, along with scanned copies of required documentation.


Please ensure the application or e-mail indicates a contact phone number for staff to collect payment.

If submitting your application by mail or via the drop-box, please enclose payment in the form of a cheque made payable to the City of Vaughan. If submitting your application via e-mail, please ensure the application or accompanying message indicate a contact name and phone number for our staff to collect payment.​


Special events in the City of Vaughan are regulated by By-law 045-2018, as amended. 




You can apply online on the Licensing Portal, or in-person, by mail, drop-box or email using the application form below.

Special Event Permit Application

Film Permit Application

Site Plan requirements

The Special Event application requires that you prepare a site plan, which should include a sketch of your venue’s layout, any road closures, and all permanent and temporary structures, including any tents and stages. such as the sample shown here:

A sample site plan for inclusion with a Special Events application.

Refreshment vehicles not licensed in Vaughan require an invitation

If you are inviting refreshment vehicles to operate at your event that are not licensed in the City of Vaughan, provide them with this invitation.  Once your Special Event permit is approved, these refreshment vehicles can use this invitation to apply for a Refreshment Vehicle Event Permit, which is needed to operate at your event. See the Refreshment Vehicle page for more information. 



​Special event permit – up to 250 people​$74​$77
​Special event permit – up to 500 people ​$150​$155
​Special event permit – up to 1,000 people​$297​$306
​Special event permit – more than 1,000 people ​$589​$607
Filming event permit   $423$436

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