Traffic Signals

The purpose of a traffic control signal is to assign vehicular or pedestrian right-of-way. They are used to promote the orderly movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and to prevent excessive delay to traffic.

The City of Vaughan conducts traffic studies and analyses to determine the need for new traffic control signals if the intersection fulfill the requirements of the Provincial Warrant for installation of traffic signal control.

Traffic controls signals are used for the safe and efficient movement of goods and people only, and are not used for traffic calming or limiting traffic volumes.


When traffic control signals are implemented at unwarranted locations, there are several negative effects:

  • Excessive Delay
  • Increases rerouting of traffic to less-appropriate roads to avoid such signals
  • Driver frustration
  • Non-compliance of signal control
  • Increases the potential of rear-end collisions
  • Increases idling and air pollution
  • Increases fuel consumption



To report a malfunctioning or damaged traffic signal, please contact 905-832-2281.


To request a new traffic signal, please send an email to