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The City of Vaughan is committed to re-establishing the urban tree canopy. To do this, the consolidated Tree Protection By-law 052-2018 (PDF) prohibits or regulates the destruction or injuring of trees located on private and public property. Under the by-law, an offence may include destruction of a tree or injuring a tree without a permit, failing to protect a tree that is identified for protection in the permit conditions, or failing to comply with an order. Learn more about tree planting, pruning and removal.

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  • Trees with a diameter of 20 centimetres or more (or a base diameter of 20 centimetres or more) must not be injured, destroyed or removed without having a permit (PDF) to do so.
  • Permits are issued through Parks and Forestry Operations and should be posted on the lot where the trees are being removed.




  • The City’s enforcement officers may enter and inspect lands to ensure the by-law and permit is being complied with.
  • Any person violating the by-law may be fined up to $10,000 for first offences. Subsequent offences may be charged up to $25,000.
  • Any corporation violating the by-law may be fined up to $100,000.


Tree protection by-laws


  • Tree Protection By-law 052-2018 (PDF)
    • This consolidated by-law regulates the planting, maintenance and removal of trees on public and private property in Vaughan. This document describes the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of both the residents and the City of Vaughan.


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