Development of Block Plans

Certain areas of the City which are expected to undergo significant change may require a more detailed planning framework. Council may pass Secondary Plans, to provide a framework for appropriate development including, the vision and character for an area with land uses, urban design, street and block pattern; adequate municipal servicing and infrastructure and to determine the appropriate mix, location and intensity of certain uses.

Upon the adoption of Secondary Plans, a Block Plan will be required, at the discretion of the City, to be prepared by participating property owners within the Secondary Plan area or a portion thereof. The purpose of the Block Plan is to specifically address the extent and precise location of the Secondary Plan elements on the lands, including the Natural Heritage Network, servicing and infrastructure details including road and pedestrian networks, lot patterns and the precise location of community services such as schools, parks and community centres.


The Block Plans essentially serve as a comprehensive blueprint for the creation of individual plans of subdivision where large parcels still remain. While this tool will be most commonly used in areas of new development it may also be applied, at the discretion of the City, in Intensification Areas.

The Block Plan Application has been revised, click here.


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Block Plan Application Submission During the COVID 19 Pandemic

The City of Vaughan has developed a process that will allow us to receive and process Block Plan applications while the City of Vaughan office remains closed during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the following application in-take process:


As Block Plans are non- statutory studies, a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) meeting is not required. However, City staff strongly suggest a meeting take place with the Policy Planner on the file prior to intake to discuss process requirements.


Electronic application submissions are being received and can be forwarded to the Policy Planner leading the file and copy Policy Planning email at


  • Identify how the electronic submission is to be submitted: USB; FTP site; Dropbox; or OneDrive site.
  • A copy of the scanned cheque and the Policy Planner’s email verifying the fee is to be included in the electronic submission.
  • Specify date/time when they will be submitting the one (1) hard copy submission to be included in the electronic submission.


One (1) hard copy (paper) submission associated with the electronic application is also required.

  • Applicant will deliver the required submission requirements along with the cheque and will drop off the package at the City Hall Security desk.


The package should be labelled as follows:


Policy Planning and Special Programs Department

Attention: Name of the Policy Planner on the file & the Block Plan file number


Please note that the application in-take process is subject to change. External agencies and staff may at their discretion require additional hard copies. The Policy Planner will notify applicant if needed. We thank you for your co-operation as we respond to the current situation.


GIS Mapping

The GIS Mapping Section of the Development Planning Department is responsible for coordinating, administering and overseeing the development, implementation, maintenance and operation of the Department's Geographic Information System (GIS); PLANit; and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) including the distribution of spatial databases such as Official Plan, Zoning and parcel fabric; municipal addressing; and document management.