New Community Area - Block 27

In accordance with the York Region Official Plan and the Vaughan Official Plan 2010, the City of Vaughan began the planning process for a new residential community in North Maple (Block 27) in January 2015.

In September 2018, the Block 27 Secondary Plan was adopted by Vaughan Council to provide for the development of the City’s New Community Areas to the year 2031 and beyond. The Block 27 Secondary Plan was then approved by York Region on May 27, 2019.

Through the preparation of a Secondary Plan, the Block 27 New Community Area has been designed to be transit-oriented, compact, vibrant, inclusive, healthy, sustainable and diverse. It includes a mix of uses, such as commercial, low- and mid-rise residential housing, and includes community facilities such as schools and parks. As part of the Block 27 Secondary Plan study process, the City also considered the location for a potential GO Rail Station in Block 27. The ultimate vision for a multi-modal GO Rail Station surrounded by a mix of residential, office and commercial uses was reviewed in more detail through the related Kirby GO Transit Hub Sub-Study. The Sub-Study and Secondary Plan study proceeded concurrently, with the intention that the Sub-Study informs the Secondary Plan process. 


Where is New Community Area - Block 27?

New Community Area - Block 27 is located between Kirby Road to the north, Keele Street to the east, Teston Road to the south and Jane Street to the west. It has an area of approximately 400 hectares (990 acres) made up almost entirely of rural lands. The Block includes a reach of the West Don River and an additional central tributary of the West Don which is included in the Provincial Greenbelt Plan. The TransCanada Pipeline Canadian Mainline also crosses the north portion of the block in an east-west direction, while the GO Rail Line runs north/south west of Keele Street. As well, the hamlet of Teston is located at the northeast corner of Jane Street and Teston Road. 


Block 27


How was the Secondary Plan developed?

The Secondary Plan creates a vision for the New Community Area - Block 27 and establishes the principles and policy framework to guide development. The Secondary Plan conforms to provincial and regional policies as well as the City’s Official Plan, Vaughan Official Plan 2010. The Secondary Plan development process consisted of four phases: 

  • Phase 1 - Background Study and Report
  • Phase 2 - Plan Development Process
  • Phase 3 - Preparation and Refinement of the Draft Secondary Plan                                                       (including the Kirby GO Transit Hub Sub-Study)
  • Phase 4 - The Approval Process 


Public Consultation

Public consultation meetings were held to provide an opportunity for input at the following key milestones of the study:

Public consultation specific to the Kirby GO Transit Hub Sub-Study took place throughout the secondary plan study process.

Link to the completed Block 27 Secondary Plan 


Reports to Council 

Committee of the Whole (Working Session) - January 18, 2016 > view Report I Presentation


Finance, Administration and Audit Committee - April 4, 2016 - Request for Additional Funding and Extension of Contracts for RFP 14-281 and RFP 15-064 for the New Community Area Block 27 Secondary Plan Study and North Vaughan and New Communities Transportation Master Plan > view Report  


Committee of the Whole (Public Hearing) - March 6, 2018 > view Notice I Report I Presentation


Committee of the Whole - June 5, 2018 and Council - June 19, 2018 > view Notice I Report and Council Extract  


The New Community Area - Block 27 Secondary Plan was adopted by the City of Vaughan Council - September 27, 2018 and approved by York Region Council - April 18, 2019 subject to modifications. 


What's Next?

The Secondary Plan requires a Block Plan be prepared by participating landowners within the Secondary Plan area prior to the submission and approval of the implementing development applications. A Block Plan application is an applicant-initiated, non-statutory requirement of the Planning Act. Block Plans are a planning tool used to ensure that all physical, environmental, social and economic aspects of development – as planned for through a secondary plan – are identified and precisely delineated within the plan area. A Block Plan serves as the comprehensive blueprint for future individual draft plans of subdivision and related applications.


The Block 27 Landowners Group submitted a Block Plan application to the Policy Planning and Special Programs Department in October 2022. The Block Plan application has been circulated to internal City departments, and external agencies and utilities for review and comment. A Public Meeting will be held for the Block Plan application at a later date.  Once all comments from internal City departments and external agencies have been addressed, the Block Plan Application will be considered at a future Committee of the Whole Meeting, which has not been scheduled to date.


How to participate in the Block Plan application process and who to contact?

Notice of updates on the Block Plan application process will be provided to all landowners in the Study area and adjacent lands, as well as all persons on the City's notification list for the Block 27 Secondary Plan Study.

Your input is welcome throughout the Block Plan application process. If you wish to be placed on the City's notification list, or to submit any comments or questions, please contact:


Cameron Balfour

Senior Planner, Policy Planning and Special Programs

City of Vaughan

Tel: (905) 832-2281, ext. 8411


Andrew Haagsma

Planner I, Policy Planning and Special Programs

City of Vaughan

Tel: (905) 832-2281, ext. 8990


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