What Goes Where?

Use this feature below to determine how to sort waste into the green bin, recycling, or garbage.

Search instructions

Enter the item that is being disposed of in the text box below and select from the list.

Reminder: if the item being searched is not displayed, please contact Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281 or email service@vaughan.ca.


Before an item is tossed away for good, see if it can be recycled for a new purpose. Donate gently used items at a local shelter or participate in the City’s Curbside Giveaway.


Visit the York Region Waste Depots page to find out how to dispose items and household hazardous waste that the City does not collect.


View the City's What Goes Where Guide (PDF) for more waste sorting information.


Help make waste collection safer for front-line staff

To protect waste collectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens are asked to carefully bag all garbage and green bin waste in plastic or certified compostable bags to safely contain the material.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items like medical masks, gloves, and disposable wipes must be bagged as garbage. Tissues, napkins, paper towels belong in the green bin.