Owner's Responsibilities

Learn more about multi-residential owner responsibilities below.

Legislative Requirements - Mandatory Recycling

Ontario Regulation 103 / 94 of the Environmental Protection Act states, in part, that "The Owner of the building that contains six or more dwelling units shall implement a source separation program for the waste generated at the building". This means that recycling in multi-residential buildings is mandatory.


Inspectors with the Ministry of Environment regularly conduct site inspections on multi-residential buildings to ensure the Owners are in compliance with the required regulation(s). Failure to comply may result in the issuance of a fine to the building owner. For more information on this regulation, visit www.e-laws.gov.on.ca and enter Ontario Regulation 103 / 94 in the search box.


In addition to the provincial legislative requirements, the City also mandates recycling via the City's Waste Collection Design Standards.

What You Can Do!

  • Be fully informed about the City’s waste collection program for multi-residential buildings
  • Distribute promotional materials (issued by the City) to residents
  • Place recycling posters and other waste information in areas frequented by residents (i.e. chute rooms, recycling rooms, lobbies, laundry room, parking garage etc.).
  • Educate your residents to fully participate in the City's and Region's Waste Diversion programs.


Emphasize Diversion Options (i.e. Reuse and Recycle)

  1. Monitor and enforce the garbage and recycling procedures within your building.
  2. Prior to collection, ensure garbage bins and recycling containers are free of contaminates (materials not accepted in the City’s collection programs).
  3. Ensure waste materials are placed out for collection in a manner consistent with the City’s set-out requirements.


Refer to the Waste Collection By-Law for a full description of the requirements for multi-residential waste collection.


Additional Resources

  • York Region (Hazardous Waste, Electronic Waste Community Environmental Centre)