Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District Plan Update

Preserving and maintaining the history and integrity of Vaughan’s communities is an important part of what makes the city a dynamic and attractive place to live, work and play.

Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage District

The City is updating the Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District Plan to determine what is required to continue protecting the area’s heritage properties and landscapes.


The City has approved the first phase of the project, the comprehensive Study report that informs the Plan Update, in July 2020. The Study report was reviewed by, and received input from the local residents who were invited to attend the public open house presentation in February 2020, and from Heritage Vaughan Committee who attended the presentation in May 2020. To review the results of this meeting, please click on “Project Updates” below.


The final phase of this project, the KNHCD Plan Update, is currently underway. A first draft of this document is available for public review and comments, and a new ONLINE public open house presentation will take place in January 2021. Between now and then, you are invited to download the draft document, and submit your comments and input via email to the address on this site.


Your valuable contributions will be collected and implemented into the Draft Plan, which will be presented to Heritage Vaughan Committee on Wednesday 17 February 2021 at 7:00pm. Links to that online presentation will be made available to the public during the week prior to the meeting.


Do you have questions about this project? Read the frequently asked questions.



Recognized as a Heritage Conservation District, the Village of Kleinburg is a tourist destination, local business hub and home to many. The Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan (PDF) took place between 2007 and 2009 as Part Five of the Ontario Heritage Act, RSO 1990, Chapter 0.18. The study and plan provided data to support the designation of a Heritage Conservation District for a portion of the Kleinburg-Nashville community in the city of Vaughan, and it established policies and guidelines for the preservation and enhancement of the heritage resources and character within the District. 
The plan requires an update. The City of Vaughan is seeking ways to continue protecting properties and landscapes determined to be of cultural heritage value or interest, and the study will update the current planning framework, review applicable policies and amend existing cultural heritage assets within the study area.


Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District Area Map

Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District study map.



The process of updating the Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District Plan has three main phases:

  1. Review the plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT): Fall 2019 – Spring 2020
  2. Prepare the Study Report outlining the proposed updated plan: Summer 2020
  3. Finalize and present the updated plan: Winter 2021

There will be opportunities to have your say and provide input that will help shape the recommendations of the updated plan at each stage throughout the project. Check back often for details about each opportunity.


To see the results of the February 26, 2020 Public Meeting see the Final Study Report that was presented at the Heritage Vaughan Committee meeting on July 22, 2020.


The Final Kleinburg-Nashville HCD Study Report is now available here, and the proposed Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District Boundary may be viewed below:

Kleinburg-Nashville Heritage Conservation District study map.


The updated Final document of the Kleinburg-Nashville HCD Plan is also available for review.  We welcome and encourage you to review the Final Plan document. 


An image of the KNHCD project update timeline.


There will be further opportunities to have your say - and to provide input that will help shape the recommendations of the updated plan - at subsequent meetings in 2021. Check back again for details about these opportunities.



The City has committed to the two-phase timeline for completing this very important project. The first phase (The Study) was approved in June 2020 following an extensive consultation process that included community involvement. The results of that phase, the KNHCD Plan Study, can be reviewed by clicking this link.


The current second phase follows this comprehensive study of the challenges and opportunities within the area, and will be manifested in KNHCD Plan Update. As we are working towards the completion of this second phase, local residents were are invited to share their thoughts and feedback by downloading and reviewing The Draft Plan Update document available by clicking this link.


You are encouraged to participate, and provide comments on the content of the proposed Draft Plan Update.  Please compile your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback and email them to the project address at KleinburgNashville@vaughan.ca. Your input will be collected and discussed at the last public open house to be scheduled towards the end of January 2021. Check back on this page often for additional information and scheduling of this public open house online session.

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