Parking Violations

The following table has been taken from the Parking By-law (PDF) Schedule 10. 

SectionDescriptionFine Amount
5.0(1)(a)Park on highway, left wheels to curb$60
5.0(1)(b)Park more than 0.15 metres from curb$60
5.0(4)Park on or outside of designated angle-parking space$60
5.0(6)(a)Stop so as to obstruct footpath or crosswalk$85
5.0(6)(b)Stop on highway within an intersection$60
5.0(6)(c)Stop so as to obstruct pedestrian crossover$85
5.0(6)(d)Stop within 9 metres of pedestrian crossover$85
5.0(6)(e)Stop alongside excavation/obstruction to impede$85
5.0(6)(f)Stop on a highway beside stopped or parked vehicle$85
5.0(6)(g)Stop on a bridge of tunnel/underpass$60
5.0(6)(h)Stop on a centre strip$60
5.0(6)(i)Stop on boulevard$60
5.0(6)(j)Stop on a dedicated cycling facility$85
5.0(7)Park so as to obstruct sidewalk$85
5.0(8)Park within 3 metres of fire hydrant$210
5.0(9)(a)Park longer than 3 hours between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.$60
5.0(9)(b)Park on highway between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.$60
5.0(9)(b)Park on highway between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. between December 1 & March 31$100
5.0(9)(c)Park in front of or within 0.6 metres of a private roadway$70
5.0(9)(d)Park on highway, within 9 metres of intersection$60
5.0(9)(e)Park within 15m of level railway crossing$60
5.0(9)(f)Park on a street that is less than 6 metres$60
5.0(9)(g)Park on a highway within 6 metres of a hotel, theatre or public hall entrance$60
5.0(9)(h)Park in a position preventing another parked vehicle leaving$85
5.0(9)(i)Park on a highway to wash, grease, or repair$60
5.0(9)(j)Park for the purpose of displaying vehicle for sale$60
5.0(9)(k)Park interfere with snow clearing$85
5.0(9)(l)Park interfere with movement of traffic$85
5.0(9)(m)Park opposite a vehicle where the roadway is less than 9 metres$85
5.0(9)(n)Park on highway, within 6 metres of a bus stop$60
5.0(9)(o)Park within 150 metres of an engaged fire fighting apparatus$85
5.0(9)(p)Park within 7 metres of fire hall driveway, same side of street$60
5.0(9)(p)Park within 30 metres of fire hall driveway, opposite side of street$60
5.0(9)(q)Park on boulevard$60
5.0(9)(r)Park on a dedicated cycling facility$85
5.0(11)(a)Park on highway, within 30 metres of intersection$60
5.0(11)(b)Park on highway, within 25 metres of a bus stop$60
5.0(11)(c)Park on side of highway contiguous to school property between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.$60
5.0(11)(d)Park in an area designated “Police Vehicles Only”$85
5.0(11)(e)Park in an area designated taxi cab stand$60
5.0(11)(f)Park in an area designated “Emergency No Parking”$85
5.0(11)(g)Park within 15 metres of a crosswalk$60
5.0(11)(h)Park on the inside or outside curve of an angle bend$60
5.0(11)(i)Park on a designated fire route$210
5.0(12)Stop within 15 metres of a signed school crossing$60
5.0(13)(a)Park without authorization in visitor parking$60
5.0(13)(b)Park in a reserved parking space$60
5.0(13)(c)Park in a non-designated space$60
5.0(14)Park a commercial vehicle on a residential lot$70
6.0(1)Park on a highway during a prohibited time$60
6.0(2)Park on a scenic route during a prohibited time$60
6.0(3)Stop on a highway during a prohibited time$60
6.0(4)Park on a highway without a permit$60
6.0(5)Park in a school bus loading zone$60
6.0(6)Stand on a highway during a prohibited time$60
6.0(7)Park or stop longer than 10 minutes in a designated area$85
6.0(8)Stop or park in area designated for accessible vehicles$310
7.0(1)Fail to erect “Fire Route” signs$210
7.0(3)Park in a fire route$210
7.0(4)Fail to erect “Fire Department Connection” signs$210
7.0(6)Park within 3 metres of a fire department connection$85
8.0(1)Park on private/municipal property$70
9.0(2)Park in a designated accessible space$410
9.0(2.1)Fail to properly display an accessible parking permit$60
13.0(3)Hinder or obstruct$110