Education Package

As part of the Vaughan Tomorrow process, the City called upon all residents of Vaughan to provide input into the new Official Plan.


The new Official Plan is an important, comprehensive policy document that will guide how and where growth will happen in Vaughan over the next 30 years. In creating the new Plan, the City held a number of public workshops and consultation events to discuss the challenges the City is facing; the opportunities that this Plan will build upon; and to get a better understanding of the kind of city that residents want Vaughan to be.


This is an excellent opportunity for teachers at high schools and elementary schools in Vaughan to bring city-building issues into the classroom and to engage students in their immediate surroundings. 


This education package provides teachers with a tool for discussing planning and development in Vaughan.  The package consists of the Vaughan Tomorrow: Voices for Transformation video, an education booklet, and the interactive planning tool VaughanQuest.


In addition to these tools, teachers are encouraged to contact the City to find out about other background material, upcoming events and other ways to give feedback into the project. 


Engaging Youth: A message from Councillor Peter Meffe, Chair, Official Plan Review Committee


Vision For Transformation: Education Package

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