Dorian Place Land Use Review

Land Use Urban Design Study for Dorian Place within the Yonge Steeles Corridor Secondary Plan.

As per Council direction of September 7, 2010, staff was directed to examine the redesignation of residential properties on Dorian Place, abutting the west side of Yonge Street at the request of residents on the street.  The residents wanted to explore opportunities for intensification similar to those available to other properties in the North Yonge Street Study area.  The City initiated public engagement and consultation process in the Winter of 2010 to work closely with the residents of Dorian Place and the surrounding community in order to examine opportunities for redevelopment and to contribute to the development of Draft concept plans.

Reports & Decisions

Dorian Place Land Use Study: The City of Vaughan has been working with residents to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of Dorian Place under the Yonge Steeles Corridor Secondary Plan.  

Public Consultation