Lost or Found Animals

Vaughan Animal Services is committed to finding lost pets. All stray pets found are posted on 24Petconnect, a pet recovery system that searches lost and found reports posted within the community and Ontario.

A person holding a dog's paw.

Search for a lost pet in the shelter

Search for a publicly placed lost pet report

What to do if you have lost your pet

  • Call us! 905-832-2281
  • Email us! animal.services@vaughan.ca 
  • Visit the shelter frequently. 
  • Post a lost report on 24Petconnect and follow up with every potential match.
  • Print lost posters from 24Petconnect and post them with permission in area stores, veterinary clinics and schools.
  • File a lost report with neighbouring animal shelters in the area where the pet was lost.
  • Post a lost animal ad in the local newspaper.
  • Check the local newspapers for found animal ads.
  • Speak with neighbours, and ask them to check garages, sheds and under porches.

What to do if you have found a pet

  • Call us! 905-832-2281
  • Keep animal in a safe space away from people and children.
  • Do not interact with the animal and wait for an Animal Control Officer to arrive.

Claiming a pet

Please be prepared when coming in to claim a pet at the shelter:

  • Bring government photo identification with your current address.
  • Pay for any impound and boarding fees for each day your pet was in the shelter. All fees must be paid at the time you claim your pet. Debit or credit card only, cash will not be accepted.
  • Show the pet’s current rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Purchase a licence (if the pet is not already licensed).
  • Bring a collar, leash or carrier to transport your pet safely back home.


Contact Information

By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services,

Animal Services


Phone: 905-832-2281
Toll-free: 1-855-227-7297 (PAWS)

Email: animal.services@vaughan.ca




Vaughan City Hall, Level 100
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