Pedestrian Crossovers

The City of Vaughan is committed to continue developing cycling and pedestrian options to ensure residents can safely travel around the city.

Pedestrian crossovers are a new type of crossing, where drivers and cyclists must stop for pedestrians intending to cross the road. They are identified by specific signs and pavement markings. In some cases, they may also have pedestrian-activated flashing lights.

A person walking across a pedestrian crosswalk and a cyclist riding in a designate bike-lane.

The following is a list pedestrian crossover locations:

  • Shelbourne Drive and Summit Drive (Type D)
  • Balsamwood Road and Clovis Street (Type D)
  • Grand Trunk Avenue and Sand Valley Street (Type D)
  • Valley Vista Drive at Southdown Avenue (Type B)


Pedestrian Crossover Frequently Asked Questions


A crosswalk is usually found at intersections. Vehicles and bicycles must obey traffic signals, and pedestrians must obey pedestrian crossing signals located at each crosswalk. Pedestrian crossovers typically — but not always — have flashing signals or an illuminated sign that extend across the street. Pedestrian crossovers also include signage and painted lines on the roads.

  • Drivers and cyclists must stop and yield the whole width of a roadway at pedestrian crossovers as well as at school crossings, and other locations where there is a crossing guard.
  • Drivers and cyclists may proceed only when pedestrians and school crossing guards have safely crossed to the other side of the roadway.
  • These new rules do not apply to pedestrian crosswalks at intersections with stop signs or traffic signals, unless a school crossing guard is present.
  • If drivers and cyclists do not yield to pedestrians at a crossover, they may face a fine of up to $1,000. Drivers may also face four demerit points.

These new rules were put in place to protect the most vulnerable road users: school children, pedestrians and school crossing guards.


It applies at all pedestrian crossovers or any location where a school crossing guard is present.