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The next Municipal Election is Monday, Oct. 26, 2026.

Campaign Contributions

Contributions to candidates may be made by individuals who are residents of Ontario. Corporations and trade unions are not permitted to make contributions to candidates at a municipal election.


Contributions to candidates for office on Vaughan Council or for a School Board are subject to limits as follows:

  • $1,200.00 - Maximum individual contribution to a single candidate's campaign.
  • $5,000.00 - Maximum overall value of contributions to a candidate for the same Council or School Board.


All contributions to candidates must be made as an individual, only one person may contribute from a joint account.


All contributions exceeding $25 must be made by cheque, money order, or by a method that clearly shows where the funds came from (such as debit, credit or electronic funds transfer).


Contribution Rebate Program 

The application period for the City of Vaughan's Contribution Rebate Program for the 2022 Municipal Election is now closed. Rebate cheques have been mailed out to eligible contributors.


To be eligible for a contribution rebate you must:

  • be an eligible elector in the city of Vaughan.
  • be a resident of the city of Vaughan.
  • not be the candidate, or the spouse or relative of the candidate, including siblings, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.


Contributions to candidates who have not opted into the Contribution Rebate Program are not eligible for a rebate. Contributions to School Board Trustee candidates are also not eligible for a rebate.


The Contribution Rebate is calculated using the following criteria:

  • The rebate is issued for 75 per cent of the total value of contributions made to candidates.
  • The minimum contribution necessary to qualify for a rebate is $50.
  • The maximum value of the rebate issued to a contributor, regardless of the number and value of contributions to one or more candidates, is $150.


Please note that a rebate cannot be issued for cash contributions to candidates.


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