VMC Parking Strategy

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Parking Strategy manages parking within the downtown core.

The objective of the strategy is to develop a plan with immediate short- and long-term solutions that support continued investment in the VMC, while laying the foundation for fundamental changes in land-use and travel habits.

A parking pay-station in the VMC area.
Parking Strategy


The City retained WSP Consulting in November 2016 and developed a comprehensive public parking strategy for the VMC which included the identification of the necessary measures to address public parking. In an effort to manage traffic in the VMC, a key recommendation of the parking strategy was to establish parking prohibitions and/or restrictions on selected city streets within the VMC. On Oct. 5, 2021, an on-street parking solution was brought to Committee of the Whole (1).


Looking ahead


The City will continue working with stakeholders and other government partners to develop a comprehensive strategy that will address the parking needs associated with the anticipated growth in the VMC.