Tax Payments and Assistance

The City of Vaughan sends out two regular tax bills a year: interim and final. Contact the City immediately if a tax bill has not been received. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt property owners from paying taxes and any penalties incurred for late payment.

The current four-year property tax assessment period covers 2017 to 2020, with an assessment valuation date of Jan. 1, 2016. This period was extended to include 2022, 2023,and now 2024. The tax bills issued in 2024 will be calculated using the assessment values provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Visit Assessment Information for more details and information.


Bill Schedule

Interim tax bill due dates

The interim tax bill equals approximately 50 per cent of the previous year's taxes and is also adjusted for any additional taxes or cancellations done for a portion of the year, as if the additional taxes or cancellation had applied for the entire year. A new tax account will owe an amount that is approximately 50 per cent of the current year's full taxes.


The 2024 Interim residential and non-residential tax bill due dates are:

  • March 27

  • April 26

  • May 29


Final tax bill due dates

The final tax bill will be based on the 2024 assessment value as returned by MPAC. It will reflect any budget changes in the municipal (City of Vaughan and York Region) and education portions (Province of Ontario). The 2024 final billing for residential/farm and all non-residential property owners will be issued in June.


The 2024 Final residential and non-residential tax bill due dates will be:

  • July TBD
  • August TBD
  • September TBD


There are many ways to pay a property tax bill. 


Payment Options

The City accepts property tax payments in many ways:

1. Pre-authorized Tax Payment (PTP) Program

Option one: monthly instalments

  • Payments are withdrawn automatically from a bank account on the first working day of each month from March 1 to Dec. 1. Tax accounts must be at a zero balance to qualify for this program.
  • An Interim bill will be sent in February that will outline the 2024 instalments from March 1 to July 1. Another bill (final) will be sent in June 2024 that outlined the instalments from Aug. 1 to Dec. 1

Option two: six instalments (interim and final billing due dates)

  • The instalment amounts for the interim and final billing are deducted from the bank account on each due date, equaling six withdrawals in total. Tax accounts must be at a zero balance to qualify for this program.


Homeowners on any of the PTP program will continue to receive a tax bill that displays a Watermark indicating "DO NOT PAY" - this is to confirm that payment for each instalment will be automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account on each due date.

PTP Program forms


For more information, read the PTP Program frequently asked questions

2. Post-dated cheques

The City will accept post-dated cheques made out to the City of Vaughan with the amounts and due dates printed on the tax stubs. Please use the return envelope provided in the tax bill package and enclose the payment stubs. A fee will apply for any returned post-dated cheques.

3. Financial institutions

Taxes may be paid at any major bank or financial institution accepting tax payments (some financial institutions charge a fee for this service). Payments must be received by the City on or before the due date or may be considered late and will incur a penalty.

4. Vaughan City Hall

Taxes may be brought to the drop-boxes at each entrance of Vaughan City Hall. Cash should not be dropped off in these boxes. Payments received after 8 a.m. will be processed the next business day. The Payment  office does not stamp the property tax bill for receipt of payment. If paying by cheque, the cheque is considered receipt for payment.  

5. Mail

Do not send cash through the mail. Cheque or money orders sent through the mail should be made payable to the City of Vaughan. A return envelope is enclosed with the tax bill package. Please include the payment stub with the payment. A cheque is considered a receipt for payment. A fee is charged for a duplicate receipt. Please mail early as payments delayed in the mail and received after the due date will be subject to late fees.


Late payment charges

Late payments will be subject to a charge of 1.25 per cent on the first day of default and on the first day of each calendar month in which the late payment continues. Members of Council and City staff do not have the authority to waive or alter a penalty charge for any reason. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a taxpayer from responsibility for payment of the taxes nor relieve the liability for the penalty due to late payment.

Returned cheques

Cheques not honoured by the bank will result in a charge of $48 being added to each tax account. Please ensure that the cheques are properly completed and signed.


Assistance to elderly taxpayers

​The City of Vaughan provides an Elderly Homeowners Tax Assistance Program, which offers a rebate to all residents 65 years of age or older who are in receipt of the Guaranteed Income Supplement and have owned their home in Vaughan for over one year. Fill out the 2024 Elderly Homeowners Tax Assistance (PDF) to apply. Applications for the 2024 tax year are due by Tuesday, April 2. For more information, call 905-832-2281.


New home purchase from a builder: understanding the bill

If a new home has been purchased from a builder, here is what to expect for property tax billings in the first year. The City sends out an interim and final tax bill and, for the first year, there may be a supplementary tax bill. The interim and final bills reflect the property taxes charged for the vacant land and the supplementary reflects the taxes for the actual building.


  • Usually sent in February
  • Contains three instalments: March, April and May
  • These taxes may be based on land only since the house may not have been assessed in time to be included on the assessment roll.


  • Usually sent in late June
  • Contains three instalments: July, August and September
  • Will still be based on a land-only value and current year’s tax rate.


  • Usually sent after August
  • Contains three instalments: due in the months following the mailing of the bill
  • Will be based on the final assessment of the house portion only.


Each property should have received a Notice of Assessment from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. The tax bill will be retroactive to the date of occupancy or purchase.


How to estimate taxes and prepare for future billing

A full year of taxes for the land and house can be estimated by multiplying the purchase price by the latest residential total tax rate. Note: This will be an estimate only. The assessed value may not necessarily be the price paid for the home.


If the home has not been occupied for the full year, the amount should be reduced accordingly. City staff are available to assist with this estimate. In future years, the assessment will be land and house combined. The interim tax bill will be approximately 50 per cent of the previous year’s total taxes and the final billing will be based on the total assessment.

Contact Information

Property Tax Office

Vaughan City Hall
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1