Kirby Road Extension

Map vew of Kirby Rd Extension

Kirby Road extension between Dufferin Steet and Bathurst Street

​​The City of Vaughan continues to enhance its transportation network to keep residents moving. To accommodate population growth and ensure people can travel throughout Vaughan seamlessly, the City is extending Kirby Road between Dufferin Street and Bathurst Street. Construction anticipated to begin by summer 2024 and be complete by summer 2026.


Once complete, the newly extended Kirby Road will feature:

  • four lanes (two in each direction).
  • a new bridge structure crossing East Patterson Creek.
  • connections to a future underpass trail crossing at East Patterson Creek.
  • an in-boulevard multi-use pathway on the north and south sides of the road for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • drainage improvements.
  • enhanced roadway lighting.
  • intersection improvements.
  • updated traffic signals.


The extension of Kirby Road is a strategic, growth-related transportation infrastructure project that aligns with broader improvements in the City’s planned street network, as identified in the Transportation Master Plan, 2012, North Vaughan and New Communities Transportation Master Plan, 2019 and Vaughan Official Plan, 2010.


Project Updates

The Kirby Road Extension project is currently in the design and pre-construction phase under a Design-Build contract, with construction anticipated to begin by summer 2024 and to be complete by summer 2026. The contract to design and build the extension between Dufferin Street and Bathurst Street was awarded to KAPP Infrastructure Inc. in April 2023.  Field investigation work, including but not limited to environmental investigations, geotechnical and foundation investigations, and detailed design work will commence this summer.


Frequently Asked Questions


This Kirby Road extension will provide the link from east Vaughan to west Richmond Hill and will make it easier for people to get to and through the city by reducing gridlock. The extension will shorten travel times and will provide additional pedestrian options for everyone living and working in the area. It will offer access to enhanced cycling networks and future transit services. It will also help improve emergency services response times to the community.


Yes. Those travelling to and through Kirby Road are currently restricted to using Teston Road or King Vaughan Road as their east-west connector road between Dufferin Street and Bathurst Street. Traffic and development in and around the area will continue to grow throughout 2023 and beyond, and will eventually exceed the capacity of the existing road network. Extending Kirby Road between Dufferin Street and Bathurst Street will relieve that pressure.


The extension of Kirby Road from Dufferin Street to Bathurst Street contributes to Vaughan Council’s 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan objective to create fully connected and integrated communities. This will be done by undertaking initiatives to improve the municipal road network, support the development of transit and increase active transportation through cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.


Construction is expected to begin in summer 2024 with anticipated completion by June 2026. These are estimated timelines and are subject to change. Project updates and construction timelines will be posted on this webpage and shared with the community regularly, so continue to check back often.


The City is committed to implementing measures that will help lessen construction impacts, including noise.  They include:

  • complying with noise limits set by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks and the City’s Noise By-law 121-2021.
  • using construction equipment that meets the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.
  • preventing unnecessary noise and vibration by maintaining equipment in proper working condition, including using non-defective muffler systems, properly securing various construction components and keeping moving parts well lubricated.
  • restricting the use of equipment to the minimum necessary to perform the specified work.
  • minimizing excessive idling of construction vehicles. 


During construction, there may be temporary disruptions to intersections at Dufferin Street and Kirby Road or at Bathurst Street and Kirby Road. Detours or delays may be put in place. These disruptions will be communicated well in advance to residents through multiple channels, including printed notices mailed to residents and a disruption alert posted on this webpage.


The conceptual design of the Kirby Road Extension Project includes a four-lane urban road for traffic (two lanes in each direction) with a three-metre-wide multi-use pathway on both sides of Kirby Road for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as enhanced street lighting and streetscaping.


The proposed posted speed limit for Kirby Road will be 60 kilometres per hour.


In 2015, the City permitted Rizmi Holding Limited to undertake an Environmental Assessment Study (PDF) for the Kirby Road Extension between Dufferin Street to Bathurst Street. The study was completed in June 2019. The Notice of Study Completion (PDF) was then filed with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks in September 2019. Schaeffers Consulting Engineers was the consultant retained to lead the study and an extensive public consultation process. The Kirby Road Extension Environmental Assessment was finalized by Council in June 2020.


An EA is a planning and decision-making tool used to predict the environmental effects of proposed initiatives before they are carried out. An EA:

  • identifies potential adverse environmental effects.
  • proposes measures to mitigate adverse environmental effects.
  • predicts whether there will be significant adverse environmental effects after mitigation measures are implemented, including a follow-up program to verify the accuracy of the EA and the effectiveness of the mitigation measures.

The EA study for the Kirby Road Extension Project included:

  • a background of the study.
  • an overview of the consultation process.
  • the need and justification for the study.
  • a description of existing conditions.
  • the alternative solutions and design concepts.
  • a description of the suggested bridge design.
  • a summary of anticipated impacts and suggested mitigation measures to implement prior to, during and after construction.

If you would like to receive updates about this project, email and request to be added to the project’s mailing list.

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