Information for Vendors

The City of Vaughan has the following Procurement related policies: 


  1. Corporate Procurement Policy (PDF)
  2. Fair Wage Policy (PDF)
  3. Bidder Debrief and Dispute Policy (PDF)
  4. Bid Cancellation Policy (PDF)
  5. Bid Evaluation Policy (PDF)
  6. Collaborative Procurements Policy (PDF)
  7. Fairness Monitor Policy (PDF)

Certificates and Compliance Requirements:


  1. AODA – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Compliance
  2. OHSMS - Occupational Health and Safety Management System (PDF)
  3. Standard Certificate of Insurance (PDF)
  4. Standard Form of Irrevocable Letter of Credit (PDF)
  5. Standard Undertaking to Bond (PDF)
  6. Standard Bid Bond (PDF)


Vendor Performance Evaluation and Forms


The City monitors vendor performance to ensure goods and services managed by the City are delivered at best value for money in an ethical and professional manner.


The vendor performance evaluations help City staff evaluate and improve the performance of all suppliers awarded contracts by actively managing the performance of contracted suppliers during the term of the awarded contracts and creating a record of past performance for use by Procurement Services to determine the award for future procurements.


For your information, below are the forms used by the City to evaluate vendors:



Collaborative Procurements

In lieu of a City-run competitive process, the City may participate with a Collaborative Procurement Organization in Collaborative Procurement initiatives where it is in the best interests of the City to do so.


The City of Vaughan may participate in one or more procurements Collaborative Purchasing Organizations (CPO) such as:



How to do business with the City?


1. Electronic Bidding System    

2. Collaborative Procurements   


Fair Wage





Effective September 1, 2023, the City will enter the 4th phase of the OHSMS implementation process.


All Contractors/Consultants must be certified with an approved OHSMS to be awarded projects of value greater than $500,000 with the City.


As part of an ongoing commitment to health and safety, the City of Vaughan is introducing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) requirement as part of its construction procurement and contract management processes.


The City’s OHSMS requirement will be a phased implementation based upon construction contract value (described below). This phased-in approach will provide contractors with sufficient time to include any necessary elements into their existing health and safety plans. The City of Vaughan will continue to work in collaboration with the construction industry on the implementation of this new requirement.




Council adopted the implementation of Infrastructure Health and Safety Association’s Certificate of Recognition (COR), a comprehensive health and safety audit tool with an accredited certification program for the construction industry in Ontario.