Transportation Youth Ambassador Program

Do you want to have a say in the future of transportation in Vaughan? Do you want to help guide how you and your peers get to and from school, or the mall or to a restaurant?

If so, join the City of Vaughan’s Transportation Youth Ambassador Program!

What is the Transportation Youth Ambassador Program?

The Transportation Youth Ambassador Program is an outreach program lead by Vaughan’s youth, for Vaughan’s youth.

By joining the program, you will:

  • host focus group discussions with your peers.
  • develop youth-focused surveys and promotional tactics.
  • provide input on City-decisions.
  • support the delivery of active school travel content to elementary students.
  • attend and support outreach to youth at City events.
  • so much more!


Why join the Transportation Youth Ambassador Program?

In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with other young adults about their challenges with transportation in Vaughan and work together to find solutions.

It will also give you real-life work experience, and help you develop skills such as leadership, time management, teamwork and critical thinking.

Participating students will receive a Transportation Youth Ambassador Program - Certificate of Recognition. 


Who can participate the Transportation Youth Ambassador Program?

  • Highschool classes (students, teachers)
  • Highschool Co-op Student Volunteers
  • University classes (professors, students)
  • University student interns


How to apply for the Transportation Youth Ambassador Program?

Contact if you would like more information or apply for the program. 


Infrastructure Planning and Corporate Asset Management department