Maple/GO Secondary Plan

The City of Vaughan has received an application for the approval of a Secondary Plan in the Maple Community.  The Maple GO Station Secondary Plan area is located on the south side of McNaughton Road East, west of Troon Avenue, north of Hill Street, and east of the existing Maple GO Station.  The lands subject to the Secondary Plan have an area of 8.120ha.  The surrounding area will also be examined to ensure appropriate relationships are established and for compatibility between the proposed and existing land forms and uses.


The Maple GO Station Secondary Plan has been submitted to permit the development of the lands in accordance with the “Mid-Rise Mixed-Use” designation of the Vaughan Official Plan 2010.  The “Mid-Rise Mixed-Use” designation permits both commercial and residential uses.  Once the peer review process is complete, the Secondary Plan will form the basis for the implementing Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law.


The City has retained Urban Strategies Inc. to assist in the technical review of the Secondary Plan and support the public consultation process.   The Secondary Plan peer review process will consider but not be limited to the following:         

  • The overall development capacity, including number of residential units and amount of commercial space proposed;

  • The street pattern and site layout;

  • Distribution of land uses, heights and densities;

  • Area-specific built form, urban design and public realm policies;

  • Parks and open space requirements;

  • Human and community services;

  • The transportation network to and from as well as within the area, including transit, walking and cycling;

  • Servicing requirements;

  • Sustainability requirements; and,

  • Phasing of development



Committee of the Whole (Public Hearing) - May 21, 2013 - Notice