Concord GO Centre Secondary Plan

The Secondary Plan will provide a master plan for a critical intensification area in the City of Vaughan related to the Concord/GO Station, the VIVA Highway 7 Bus Rapid Transit Line and the 407 Highway Transitway.



Concord Centre straddles Highway 7 and is defined as a Local Centre in the new Official Plan. It is subject to existing development applications that propose high-rise mixed uses on lands known as the Concord Floral site on the north side of Highway 7. Ontario Realty Corporation lands are in the Secondary Plan Study area and provide land acquisition opportunities for open space to meet objectives of the Parks, Culture and Recreation Master Plan. A secondary plan study is required to adequately address issues such as:


  • its role as a Local Centre in the new Official Plan;
  • its location within a Primary Intensification Corridor with associated rapid transit and the proposed Concord/GO Station;
  • integration of planned and proposed transit infrastructure into the plan;
  • the level of residential intensification;
  • appropriate built form, open space and land uses in relation to nearby Employment Areas and integration and compatibility with the stable residential neighbourhoods;
  • the creation of a complete community; and
  • protection and enhancement of the open space areas and their links to the residential community and Employment Area.
Concord GO Centre Secondary Plan - Approved by York Region effective May 20, 2015 - view
Notice of Decision for Amendment #8 to the Official Plan for the City of Vaughan - Concord GO Centre Secondary Plan - view
June 17, 2014 - Draft Concord Go Secondary Plan > view
November 26, 2013 - Notice of the Committee of the Whole (Public Hearing) > view
November 4, 2013 - Notice of Public Open House > view
November 4, 2013 - Public Open House Presentation > view
November 1, 2013 - Draft Concord Go Secondary Plan > view

Terms of Reference


Vaughan-Concord GO Secondary Plan: Presentation, Public Meeting #1, November 7, 2012.



Vaughan-Concord GO Secondary Plan Presentation, Public Meeting #2, January 30, 2013