Multi-Residential Waste Collection

The City of Vaughan collects household waste for all eligible multi-residential condominiums.

This collection uses shared bins at a single point in the building. The City does not provide municipal collection services to institutional, commercial or industrial developments or re-developments; these types of developments are required to seek private collection services.

A group of blue waste bins lined up in a row.

Multi-Residential What Goes Where Guide

Do you want to understand more about how to sort your waste? Read the multi-residential What Goes Where? (PDF) guide.


Textile Donation Bins Available for Your Building!

Clothing and textile donation bins are being rolled out to all multi-residential buildings receiving municipal waste collection services! If you do not yet have a bin for your building, contact the City or your Property Manager to start this service. Learn more about Textile Waste Reduction.


Multi-residential Collection Map - Garbage Collection*


multi-residential collection map
* Recycling tote and organics collection is Friday for all Zones. Recycling front-end bin collection is Thursday for all Zones.