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Two important by-laws with respect to property maintenance are the Property Standards By-law and the Long Grass and Weeds By-law.  They provide standards for private properties to ensure they are safe, nuisance-free and do not contribute to conditions that promote pest infestations or other conditions that detract from a healthy community.

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Some key provisions are listed below. For full details, review the by-laws, and any amendments, in the By-law Library.

  • Grass, ground cover and weeds should be maintained at less than 20 cm in height; if this is not done, the City may issue an order to mow the lawn within 72 hours, which if not done may result in the City doing so at the owner's expense, as well as monetary fines.
  • Vehicles, boats and trailers that are inoperable, dilapidated, abandoned or without a licence plate are not permitted on any lot, property or roadway. 
  • Trees and hedges must be trimmed to avoid overgrowth that may affect safety and visibility for drivers or block people from using the sidewalk.
  • Firewood, garden equipment and building materials must be stored neatly in a rear yard, not in side or front yards or be visible from the street.
  • All yards must be kept clean and free from rubbish, garbage, brush, waste, litter, trade waste and other debris, construction bins (unless actively being used), machinery and open excavations.








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