Curb and Sidewalk Repair

Curb maintenance

Curbs are important to collect and transport water to storm drainage outlets. Defects are identified through routine patrols by City staff. Should repairs be required, work will be prioritized and scheduled.


Sidewalk maintenance

City staff inspects more than 1,000 kilometres annually, looking for any defects to keep the community safe. Repairs are scheduled according to severity and range from grinding trip hazards to the complete removal and replacement of the section of sidewalk in need of repair.

To request curb or sidewalk maintenance, please contact Service Vaughan at or 905-832-2281. You may also make requests online:



What to do once work is confirmed to begin

Once the City is ready to work in your location, you will be notified before work begins. If you are not home, a door hanger with details will be left at your door. Vehicles may be allowed to temporarily park on the road. Owners are reminded to not park contrary to any posted parking prohibitions or within nine metres of any intersection, within three metres of a fire hydrant or .6 metres of any private driveway. All cars must be parked with the passenger-side wheels facing the curb and within 15 centimetres (six inches) from the curb.


Sidewalk repair labor