Curb Appeal

The 2024 nomination period is now closed!


The Curb Appeal program is an important component of the beautification of Vaughan. It recognizes homeowners and businesses who demonstrate exceptional pride and effort in the maintenance of their properties.

Curb Appeal

All properties throughout Vaughan are visited by a group of dedicated community volunteers who evaluate properties. This year, properties can receive one of 850 signs based on the following criteria:
Overall aesthetic of the property is visually appealing

  • Property shows the use of variety, colour and textures in plantings and hardscape
  • Design incorporates the use of shade trees
  • Property uses perennials as well as annuals
  • Property shows creativity in design and materials
  • Design uses drought-resistant plantings and other environmental measures such as rain barrels to collect water
  • Property uses mulch to help retain moisture


If you are new to gardening or lawn care and want your property to stand out next year, the City is here to help with the following tips:

  • Ensure your grass is cut neatly and free of weeds. To help it grow thick and healthy, add topsoil, seed and water for long periods infrequently instead of short periods often.
  • Purchase mulch in a variety of colours to make your garden stand out. Not only does it keep soil healthy, but mulch also holds moisture and nutrients, which will help to stop weed growth.
  • Incorporate a variety of plants and flowers in your garden. Perennials such as Bee Balms, Russian Sages, Begonias and Black-eyed Susan’s are low-maintenance and pollinators love them. Annuals like Coleuses and Angelonia are a great way to add height and bright colours to your arrangement.
  • Consider adding different colour and size stones or rocks.
  • Consider an illumination or water feature, such as lamps or a small fountain.


We are no longer accepting applications to become a volunteer judge for this year. Judges will be out during the months of July and August to award properties that demonstrate exceptional effort and beauty.



Green Guardians


Green Guardians

By participating in the Curb Appeal program, you have the opportunity to be a Green Guardian of your city. Green Guardians is the City of Vaughan’s new environmental sustainability program, where citizens and businesses are encouraged to get involved with events and activities that promote environmental stewardship and keep Vaughan safe, clean and beautiful.


Sponsor a City flower bed

Grow with Vaughan is a City partnership program offering budget-friendly, highly visible sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. The program provides the opportunity to build brand awareness in a targeted community along with positive brand association by contributing to the quality of life and beautification of the neighbourhood you operate in.