Infrastructure Planning and Corporate Asset Management

Infrastructure Planning and Corporate Asset Management is responsible for:

  • Infrastructure planning supports the City’s growth management strategy
  • Protects, negotiates and implements the City’s infrastructure plans during land-use planning and development
  • Manages the City’s interests on third-party infrastructure planning projects
  • Develops and Implements the corporate asset management vision

During a March 10, 2021 meeting of Vaughan City Council, Council voted to reaffirm its decision to withdraw its endorsement of the GTA West Corridor. Council also voted to request a Federal Impact Assessment be complete by the Federal Government about the proposed Highway 413 and further public engagement by representatives of the Provincial Government about this project.

For more information, reference pages 5 to 11 in the March 10, 2021 Council Meeting Minutes. A video of this Council Meeting is also available here.


On May 3, 2021, the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change determined that the Highway 413 Study  warrants designation under the Federal Impact Assessment Act. Following the designation, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) started preparing an Initial Project Description (IPD) to submit to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) for review.

MTO is consulting with stakeholders to inform the IPD, including a workshop with King Township, Vaughan and York Region staff on November 15, 2021, a presentation to Vaughan City Council on November 30, 2021, presentation to York Region council on January 13, 2022 and public engagement webinars (York Region’s on December 9, 2021). Once the IPD is submitted, the Agency (IAAC) will consult with Indigenous communities and other stakeholders and prepare a Summary of Issues. MTO will then prepare a Detailed Project Description (DPD). Once the DPD is submitted, the Agency must provide a decision regarding whether a Federal Impact Assessment is required.

City staff continue to work with the Highway 413 Project Team to protect the City’s interests and address the City’s requirements. The Project Team will continue with preliminary design efforts, planned public and stakeholder consultations and engagements (i.e., webinars 1 & 2 in July and September 2021), field investigations and environmental studies. For more information, visit


The ERO posting regarding proposed regulation for a streamlined environmental assessment process for the Highway 413 project was last updated by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks on February 22, 2023 to advise the public that the file is still under review. The ERO posting can be found here: