Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan

The area around Vaughan Mills Mall, known as the Vaughan Mills Centre, is evolving. As this is a bustling space for people who live, work and play there, the City has explored ways to enhance the area and create a safe, accessible and sustainable vision that reflects the needs of the changing community. 

Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan

These concepts are developed into the City's Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan, which will serve as a comprehensive reference guide to promote high-quality public and publicly accessible private spaces and a pedestrian-oriented streetscape development in the area. This study is now complete and was approved by Council on November 2021.


Public engagement was an important component of the planning process for this project. Citizens comments helped inform a complete public space master plan that reflects safety, accessibility, sustainability and functionality.



The space around Vaughan Mills Mall, which is called the Vaughan Mills Centre, and the lands between Highway 400 and Weston Road south of Rutherford Road, include places that are or will be accessible to all who travel to and through the area for work or leisure. This includes streets, lanes, public squares, plazas, sidewalks, cycling lanes, trails, future parks, open spaces and connections to conservation areas. The Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan will build on the existing policy frameworks and city-wide urban design guidelines to support the evolution of the Vaughan Mills Centre to an even safer, more convenient, accessible and high-quality public space while continuing to exist as a destination in the City that attracts people and investment. 


The study will help build a framework to outline a detailed streetscape plan and guidelines for sustainable, accessible and functional streets and open spaces that meet the needs of citizens and businesses and visitors in and around the Vaughan Mills Centre. An implementation timeline will also be developed. The proposed designs and guidelines will also enhance the pedestrian and cycling environment along the streets and within the parks and open spaces, while building on and complementing the Vaughan Mills Centre Secondary Plan, adopted by Vaughan Council in March 2014. 


The Vaughan Mills Centre Secondary Plan identifies a vision for the area and establishes a current land use and urban design policy framework allowing the area to evolve into a vibrant, urban destination that is pedestrian and cycling friendly, transit-supportive, and well connected to the larger community.


Project Updates

The Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan study has four main phases: 

Phase 1: Review existing conditions – Spring 2020 to Summer 2020

View the Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm Strategy and Streetscape Master Plan Existing Conditions and Analysis (PDF) for more information about this study.

View the What We Heard Summary from our first public open house survey.


Phase 2 and 3: Prepare a design framework and guidelines for the area around the mall and a detailed master streetscape plan – Summer 2020 to Winter 2020-2021

View the What We Heard Summary from our second public open house and survey.


Phase 4: Prepare an implementation timeline –  Spring 2021 to Fall 2021

View the Final Council Approved document here


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