Project Updates

Construction along Woodbridge Avenue is now complete!

As part of the City of Vaughan’s Woodbridge Avenue Improvements and Streetscaping Project - which is now complete as of 2023 - the focus was on beautifying the area, respecting its history and completing key underground infrastructure work. 


An extensive review of the infrastructure on Woodbridge Avenue was undertaken in 2020 to prioritize what needed to be completed, and in what order, including:

  • road rehabilitation
  • watermain replacements
  • sanitary sewer upgrades
  • streetlighting improvements
  • traffic signal additions
  • parking lay-bys (designated paved parking areas)
  • streetscape and landscape enhancements


Come and see new and improved Woodbridge Avenue!

This image is of the new Woodbridge sign, located on Woodbridge Avenue. The sign says Woodbridge on it.
This image shows the entrance to the Marketlane Shopping Centre along Woodbridge Avenue and the enhanced roadway and sidewalk, as part of the Woodbridge Avenue improvements project..
This image shows the enhanced roadway along Woodbridge Avenue.
This image shows the newly enhanced sidewalk along Woodbridge Avenue, as part of the Woodbridge Avenue improvements project.