By-law And Compliance, Licensing And Permit Services Refund Policy

When you apply for a licence or permit, the refund rules vary based on the by-law; to review these by-laws, visit the By-law Library. See some refund policies listed here:

Special event permit applications

Special Event application fees are not refundable.

Business licence and permit applications 

If a person terminates an application prior to issuance, 50% of the application fee is refundable.

Short-term rental licence applications

In the event a licence or renewal is refused, the applicant shall be eligible to a partial refund of the application fee, as follows:

  • Owner - No refund
  • Brokerage with more than 100 active Short-Term Rentals - 95% 
  • Brokerage with 51 to 100 active Short-Term Rentals - 90% 
  • Brokerage with 11 to 50 active Short-Term Rentals - 50% of licensing or renewal fee 
  • Brokerages with up to 10 active Short-Term Rentals - No refund


Licences and permits once issued

For all licences and permits, once a licence or permit is issued, there are no refunds of the application fee. 


For more information, contact By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services.

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