City-Wide Streetscape Implementation Manual and Financial Strategy

A blueprint.


The Vaughan City-Wide Streetscape Implementation Manual and Financial Strategy is the first edition of an integrated design / financial framework to manage the design, construction, maintenance, costing and funding for new streetscapes within emerging Intensification Areas and established Heritage Conservation Districts.

The Streetscape Implementation Manual and Financial Strategy recognizes that the character, function and appearance of streets play an important role in the overall quality and livability of our City. It is also based on the understanding that a public right-of-way contains opportunities to serve multiple types of users and functions including: public space, pedestrian and bicycle mobility and access, storm water capture and filtration, air quality improvement, public art, community character, as well as support for many social, business and community activities.

The Manual is a living document and a work in progress. Its information will be refined based on evolving best practices and experience with its use in Vaughan.


Streetscape Implementation Manual

  • Provides a design framework and guidelines for streetscapes, including an outline of street types, zones, their components, and how these may relate to one another. The framework ensures basic compatibility and functionality of the streetscape, but is also flexible enough to allow for individual freedom, creativity, and incremental construction.
  • Introduces three new levels of service to meet the needs of urban streetscapes: “standard urban”, “enhanced”, and “premium”.


The Financial Strategy

  • Combines context, design and cost together to forecast financial commitments and consider potential funding options early in the planning and design process.
  • Three new levels of service and their corresponding menus of design components will streamline the number and types of materials and elements within the City’s urban streetscapes to help control maintenance, operations, and replacement costs.
  • Recognizes that adaptability in the street network can play an important role in supporting a wider range of locally-generated activity to contribute to a community’s economic and social prosperity. Thus, street types can be applied on a block by block basis to allow for the streetscape design to respond to and promote urban development and transformation.

As part of the City’s commitment to continuing improvement and innovation, the Streetscape Implementation Manual and Financial Strategy provides a platform for improved coordination between all the various disciplines and stakeholders who are involved in the design, implementation, and maintenance of streetscapes.


Streetscape Implementation Manual and Financial Strategy

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Study Area

Intensification Areas, Intensification Corridors, and Heritage Conservation Districts as designated in the Official Plan.