Traffic Safety Tips

Safety tips for pedestrians

  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Make sure drivers see you before you cross
  • Make sure drivers are prepared to stop for you in both directions where necessary
  • Begin to cross only once you are satisfied it is safe
  • Continue to watch drivers as you cross
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Illustrations of examples of pedestrian crossovers




Illustrations of examples of pedestrian crossovers

Safety tips for drivers

  • Expect pedestrians
  • Slow down when you approach the crossover signs and markings
  • You are not permitted to pass another vehicle at these crossings
  • If a pedestrian is crossing or is about to cross the road, bring your vehicle to a safe stop
  • Let pedestrians cross — you must remain stopped for the entire duration they are on the road






Some signs you can expect to see at a pedestrian crossover


All illustrations used with permission from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.