The City of Vaughan’s Fence By-law outlines the height, construction, placement, material and other requirements in the City of Vaughan, including swimming pool enclosures.  The Property Standards By-law also addresses maintenance. 

A wrought iron fence, a chain link fence and a wooden fence


This page provides an overview of the Fence By-law; to review this and other by-laws in their entirety and their amendments, visit the By-law Library


Fence Heights

Fence heights are regulated depending on location. An excerpt with respect to maximum fence heights from the by-law is listed here:

NOFence DescriptionMax Height of Fence on a Single Family Residential or Multi-Residential PropertyMax height Of Fence on Non-Residential PropertyMax Height Of Hedge, Shrub or Other Vegetation that acts as a Fence

Fence that is:

  • in a front yard; and
  • within 2.4 metres of a lot line abutting a public highway
1.2 metres1.2 metres1.2 metres

Fence that is:

  • in a front yard; and
  • not within 2.4 metres of a lot line abutting a public highway
2.0 metres2.0 metresNo maximum

Fence that is:

  • not within a front yard;
  • within 2.4 metres of a side lot line abutting a public highway; and
  • not within 2.4 metres of a driveway
2.5 metres2.5 metres2.5 metres

Fence that is:

  • not in a front yard;
  • not within 2.4 metres of a side lot line abutting a public highway;
  • within 2.4 metres of the nearest wall of the main building extended to the rear lot line; and
  • within 2.4 metres of a driveway
2.0 metres2.5 metresNo maximum

Fence that is:

  • on a unroofed deck; not in a front yard; and
  • not within 2.4 metres of a lot line abutting a public highway*
2.0 metres above surface of deck2.0 metres above surface of deckNo maximum

Fence that is:

  • not in a front yard;
  • not a fence under items 3, 4 or 5 of this table; and
  • abutting a multi-residential property, a non-residential property, a public highway or a public walkway
2.5 metres2.5 metresNo maximum

Fence that is:

  • abutting a rapid transit right of way
2.5 metresNo maximumNo maximum

Fence that is:

  • abutting a tennis court, baseball doamond or other recreational facility
3.0 metresNo maximumNo maximum
9Any other fence2.0 metres2.5 metresNo maximum

Fence By-law Exemptions

If you would like to install a fence that is greater than the maximum permitted height or not in compliance with the by-law in some other way, you can apply for the exemption to be considered using the following form:

Fence Height Exemption Application. (PDF).

Fence By-Law Exemption Application$484.00$499.00

Corner lots

  • Fences on corner lots may not block a sight triangle, in order to not create a sightline obstruction and potential safety hazard for vehicles in traffic.  For safety, fences may need to be setback further from the street, or have the portion of the fence that creates the issue removed.  


Sight triangle example


Divisional fences – cost sharing with neighbours

The Fence Apportionment of Costs By-law 175-93 outlines the steps property owners may take to recover costs of shared divisional fences. Any disagreements are handled in Small Claims Court or the Superior Court of Justice; learn more on this Province of Ontario website. Property owners are encouraged to call the City for clarification.


Swimming pool enclosures

  • A Swimming Pool Enclosure permit must be obtained prior to putting up a swimming pool or excavating the ground to put in a swimming pool.
  • If the permit is granted, a temporary fence must be erected prior to any ground excavation. 
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures must be a minimum of 1.22 metres in height, and not have projections on the exterior fence to facilitate climbing, such as railings or other structures. 
  • All gates must be self-closing and have a self-latching device that is at least 1.22 metres above the bottom of the door.

As per the Zoning By-law, a private swimming pool shall:

  • be constructed only in the rear yard; and
  • not be nearer to any lot line than 1.5 metres.

View the Zoning By-law or contact the Building Standards department for more information.


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