Hugh Cook Vaughan Civic Hero Award

Ward 1 resident Hugh Cook was presented with the Civic Hero Award for his volunteerism and commitment to preserving the history of the City of Vaughan. Mr. Cook is a long-time Vaughan resident who has lived in Vaughan since it was a township.

Hugh Cook - Ward 1 Civic Hero Award, 2012

“I am always pleased to see people like Mr. Cook recognized with our Civic Hero Award – people with a passion for their community and a passion for passing on their skill and knowledge,” said Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. “As a long-time resident, Mr. Cook has witnessed great change in Vaughan over the years and appreciates the value of preserving the past for the benefit of future generations. I offer my sincere congratulations to Mr. Cook for his leadership and volunteerism and thank him for his dedication to our City’s history.”


A teacher, Mr. Cook reviewed books for the Canadian Library Association, donating some of them to the Maple Library. He has volunteered in local amateur sports, acted as a nature guide at conservation sites, and devoted much of his time to preserving Vaughan’s history. He joined the Vaughan Historical Society in 1991 and is also a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society, where he has worked to record the history associated with City of Vaughan cemeteries.

“Mr. Cook is an inspiration for our entire community and the work he has done for the Vaughan Historical Society is a source of pride for so many,” said Ward 1 Councillor Marilyn Iafrate. “I want to thank Mr. Cook for setting such a wonderful example. It is important that we recognize the hard work, commitment and dedication that he brings to his volunteer work, and in particular, the passion he has for preserving the past of our great City.”