Registered Third Parties

Registered third parties are individuals, corporations or trade unions that register with the Office of the City Clerk for the purposes of conducting advertising promoting, supporting or opposing a candidate (or candidates) for office at the municipal or school board level.

Third Parties Registered for the 2022 Municipal Election

Third Party Name

Official Representative

Certification Date

Ontario Proud

Jeff Ballingall

20 September 2022

The registration period for Third Party Advertisers for the 2022 Municipal Election is closed.



Third Party Eligibility


Qualifications for Registered Third Party

Only the following persons and entities are eligible to file a notice of registration:
  • An individual who normally resides in Ontario.
  • A corporation that carries out business in Ontario.
  • A trade union that holds bargaining rights for employees in Ontario.


The following persons and entities are not eligible to file a notice of registration:
  • A candidate whose nomination has been filed under Section 33 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.
  • A federal political party registered under the Canada Elections Act or any federal constituency association or registered candidate at a federal election endorsed by that party.
  • A provincial political party, constituency association, registered candidate or leadership contestant registered under the Election Finances Act, 1990.
  • The Crown in right of Canada or Ontario, a municipality or local board.



Third Party Registration

Registration period

Registrations for third party advertisers will be accepted by appointment only, in-person at the Office of the City Clerk, Vaughan City Hall, 2141 Major Mackenzie Dr., Vaughan. Appointments are thirty minutes in duration and may be scheduled during regular business hours, 8:30 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, between Monday, May 2 and Friday, October 21.

To schedule a registration appointment with the Office of the City Clerk, please contact Election Services by email at or call 905-832-8504, ext.8309.


To file a registration, you must provide:
  1. Form 7 - Notice of Registration - Third Party;
  2. VT5 - Declaration of Qualifications - Third Party;
  3. VT6 - Penalty Notice - Third Party;
  4. Identification, including name, address and signature; and
  5. For persons acting as an agent to file for a corporation or trade union, documentation confirming you are authorized to act on behalf of that corporation or trade union.


Registration fee

There is no fee required to register as a third party advertiser for the 2022 Municipal Election.


Withdrawing registration

Registrations cannot be withdrawn. Once you have registered as a third party, you will remain as a registered third party (along with all legal obligations associated with being a third-party advertiser) until the end of the campaign period.


Third Party Forms


Financial Forms


Guides and Policies

VG6 - Municipal Affairs Third Party Advertisers' Guide (PDF)