Water Supply and Distribution

Water supply

Water is supplied to the City of Vaughan from the City of Toronto and the Region of Peel. Toronto and Peel use water from Lake Ontario which is treated for domestic consumption. York Region purchases water from Toronto and Peel, the wholesale suppliers to Vaughan. The City of Vaughan is the retail supplier of water to the consumer.


Water distribution

York Region owns and operates large metering chambers, pumping stations, storage reservoirs and large watermains. The City of Vaughan owns, operates and maintains the pumping stations, watermains, fire hydrants and service connections.


The City of Vaughan distributes water into seven pressure areas because of the difference in geographic elevation levels.


Pumping stations are required to deliver water at an acceptable pressure range where water is pumped up in stages of about 30 metres per lift. This allows all water customers to be served with water within an acceptable range of pressure. York Region owns two pumping stations within the city of Vaughan to assist with this operation.


York Region also owns seven reservoirs in the City. These reservoirs are required to provide stored water for:

  • additional supply required during short term high demand periods.
  • firefighting.
  • emergencies (watermain breaks, power failure).


The Environmental Services department is responsible for maintaining the watermain distribution system in Kleinburg.