The Nuisance By-law

The Nuisance By-law applies to all City of Vaughan public property and public places, which includes places that the public has access to, both on public and private property. 

Bells ringing, needle and broken glass on the ground, an open bottle of wine outside, a 'no loitering sign' and a washroom sign

About the by-law

The Nuisance By-law prohibits activities which disturb or are likely to disturb persons, and includes the following:

  • soliciting in an aggressive manner;
  • threatening the person solicited with physical harm, by word, gesture or other means, during the solicitation or after the person solicited responds or fails to respond to the solicitation;
  • while on a roadway soliciting a person who is in or on a stopped, standing or parked vehicle; 
  • disposing of any of the following things outdoors:
    • a used condom;
    • a new or used hypodermic needle or syringe;
    • broken glass;
  • shouting, screaming, or making unusual noises;
  • ringing of bells, sounding of horns, blowing of whistles, squealing of tires, revving of engines;
  • the playing of music or any other noise that disturbs or is likely to disturb the occupants of a dwelling; 
  • spitting, urinating or defecating somewhere other than a washroom facility; 
  • obstructing the passage of pedestrians thereby rendering passage impassable or difficult; 
  • the creation of discomfort, disturbance or confusion for members of the public, pedestrians, the occupants of a dwelling, or to passing motorists;         
  • loitering after being ordered to move by an enforcement officer;
  • loitering, remaining in or refusing to leave a public place or public property after it is closed; 
  • the use of offensive language or gestures; 
  • the harassment or the intimidation of another person or persons; 
  • willfully causing damage to public property; 
  • the use of public property or public place for something other than their lawful intended use unless otherwise permitted by the city;
  • soliciting for illegal activities; or
  • the carrying of open liquor.

Enforcement and penalties

  • Non-compliance may result in an administrative monetary penalty of $450 or higher fine amount under provincial regulation.

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