City of Vaughan Official Plan 2010

The City of Vaughan undertook an ambitious three-year project to create a new Official Plan as part of the City's integrated Growth Management Strategy.

On September 7, 2010, Council adopted a new Official Plan. It addresses all elements of effective, sustainable and successful city-building, while managing projected growth to 2031.


  1. City of Vaughan Official Plan - Volume 1
  2. City of Vaughan Official Plan - Volume 2
  3. Ontario Municipal Board and Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Orders and Decisions
  4. Council & Committee Meetings, Minutes and Reports
  5.  City of Vaughan: Heritage Conservation District Plans:
  6. Additional Resources:
  7. VOP 2010 Official Plan Amendments
  8. Notice for the Committee of the Whole (Public Hearing) - October 7, 2019 regarding "Pre-Consultation and Complete Applicaton Submission Requirements for Planning Applications - Section 10.1.3., Vaughan Official Plan - Volume 1


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