Urban Wildlife

If you see a sick or injured wild animal, call Vaughan Animal Services at 905-832-2281. If calling after hours, please press “0” to reach the after-hours dispatch team. Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to calls about sick or injured wildlife.

Animal Services staff with tortoise and owl
Tips on Coexisting with Wildlife


Residents should contact private wildlife companies to deal with healthy wildlife that is causing a nuisance on private property.  

Managing urban wildlife

With understanding and some simple precautions, residents can learn to enjoy the wild animals who share our backyards and cities. Often the best way to prevent issues with wildlife is to make small changes on your property and in your actions. For example, removing food sources, water and shelter will encourage wildlife to go elsewhere.


Feeding of wildlife is the primary cause of animal/human conflict. Directly or unintentionally feeding a wild animal will increase their tolerance to people and pets as they begin to associate people with food. Reconsider bird feeders as they attract small mammals, which encourage larger wild animals to visit your yard.


Not only can feeding wildlife have unintended consequences, it is illegal and subject to a fine of $500 under the City’s Animal Control By-law 066-2020 (PDF).


The City offers tips and suggestions on how to manage coyotes in residential areas.


Important points to remember:

  • Supervise your pets when they are outside. Keep your pets safely on a leash.
  • Make sure your dogs and cats have up-to-date rabies vaccinations. You are required by law to vaccinate all cats, dogs, and ferrets over the age of three months.
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Do not disturb or relocate any wild animal, nest, den, or eggs on any public lands unless authorized by the City; if the City authorizes this, it shall be done humanely.   
  • Do not allow your pets to kill, attempt to kill, maim, injure or harass any wildlife on public lands or private property.

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Be a Green Guardian

Do you want to inspire your neighbours to help keep the community clean and create a safer environment for wildlife? Sign up to become a Green Guardian!


Green Guardians is the City of Vaughan’s new environmental stewardship program – and residents and businesses are encouraged to join in. As a Green Guardian, you can get involved in City-led events or create your own community event that promotes environmental stewardship and helps keep Vaughan safe, clean and beautiful.

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