Green Directions Vaughan

Everyone is responsible for their everyday actions that impact the health of this amazing city we call home.

Whether it’s tending to a community garden, utilizing home/business energy rebate programs or coming up with fun ways to spend more time outdoors, simple changes go a long way. What we do today will shape our city for future generations. So where are we headed?

Green Direction Vaughan

What is Green Directions Vaughan?


Green Directions Vaughan (GDV) was first approved by Council in 2009 as the City of Vaughan’s community sustainability plan. This long-term plan guides the community to a more sustainable future by addressing environmental, cultural, social and economic values. Guided by a definition of sustainability, environmental ethic and a set of principles, GDV outlines the City’s approach to maintaining a healthy natural environment, vibrant communities and a strong economy by defining six goal areas and listing objectives and sustainability actions to meet these goals. These sustainability actions enable Vaughan to remain a complete community where the needs for daily living are accessible to people of all ages and abilities.


As a living document, the actions and priorities in Green Directions Vaughan have evolved since 2009. An engagement strategy, including community consultation to re-engage the public and to raise awareness of the new plan was undertaken. The new plan, Green Directions Vaughan 2019, was adopted by Council and describes the City's environmental priorities and outlines a new set of sustainability actions.


How do I....


  • Enhance sustainability efforts at home during the winter? Check out these tips!
  • Learn more about Green Directions Vaughan and how I can get involved? Check out the links below.





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