Active Together Master Plan

2018 Active Together Master Plan Review & Update

The 2018 ATMP Review & Update was approved by City of Vaughan Council on May 23, 2018.

You can find the approved 2018 ATMP here.

A copy of the 2018 ATMP Presentation made to the Committee of the Whole (Working Session) on May 14, 2018 can be found here.



Parks Development, together with Recreation Services and Vaughan Public Libraries, is updating Vaughan’s Active Together Master Plan (ATMP) for the provision of parks, recreation and libraries from 2018-2023. The ATMP was originally released in 2008, updated in 2013 and most recently in 2018. The ATMP defines how the City is focusing its leisure resources and priorities to provide the most value to citizens, while ensuring long-term sustainability.


The ATMP guides the City’s many departments in the provision of open space areas, parks, recreation programs and facilities, and library services, for the short and the long-term. Since the last update, the issues and trends identified below have emerged, necessitating an updated plan:

  • The City of Vaughan continues to experience significant growth and development;
  • Besides new greenfield development, there is also increased development including high-density and infill development projects (e.g., Vaughan Metropolitan Centre);
  • Changing legislation and update to Provincial policies;
  • Continued changes in demographics while the City's infrastructure continues to age;
  • Changes in the use of public parks, open spaces, libraries and recreational activities through the rise of social media and more casual un-programmed use;
  • A continued and growing emphasis on holistic wellness and active living; and,
  • Greater need to provide trail and pedestrian options to assist in the development of a sustainable and environmentally responsible City that supports active living.



The survey period has now closed. Thank-you for your feedback and responses.


Stakeholder Consultation Sessions

Stakeholder Consultation Sessions were conducted in mid-late September 2017.

A copy of the presentation made at the sessions can be found here.


Public Information Sessions

Public Information Session were held throughout early to mid-October 2017. A session was scheduled for each municipal ward.


Your opinions and insight ensure that the Active Together Master Plan continues to be successful and community-driven. Please direct any inquiries to: