Environmental Management Guide

The Environmental Management Guide (EMG) identifies the range of studies and provides guidance regarding the level of detail of submittal information to prepare environmental reports in support of development applications according to the environmental policies in Chapter 3 of the City of Vaughan Official Plan 2010.

Section 3.2.4 of the Official Plan describes an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and a Master Environment and Servicing Plan (MESP) as the main environmental reports in support of development projects at the site scale and/or block plan, as required.


The EMG reflects the policy direction of Chapter 3 of the Official Plan with particular emphasis on supporting the Natural Heritage Network (see Natural Heritage Network Study summary for more information). The EMG, once revised will replace the 1994 Environmental Management Guideline developed for Official Plan Amendment 400. Policy of the City of Vaughan Official Plan directs that the EMG is reviewed, updated and refined from time to time to facilitate the successful implementation of the ecosystem function approach. Related aspects of the PPS, such as cultural heritage and natural hazards, are also noted where applicable. Developing a final EMG is a component of the Natural Heritage Network Study.