Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The City of Vaughan continues to strengthen and build on its foundation of diversity, inclusion and equity and its commitment that all Vaughan community members are heard, appreciated and valued.

The City strives to foster a culture that is inclusive and respectful, where all citizens, employees, businesses and visitors are provided accessible opportunities to engage and participate, is proud to have diverse communities, and values the significant contributions diverse communities make to the cultural, economic and social achievements in Vaughan.

A diverse group of people smiling.

Led by Vaughan’s first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Zincia Francis, the City has developed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy and multi-year action plan (PDF). Since joining in January 2021, Ms. Francis has been working with passionate and dedicated peers and allies to strengthen and build upon the City’s existing diversity and inclusion foundation. This strategy and action plan aims to identify and address systemic discrimination and inequities in access to services, community participation and civic engagement.


In addition to these efforts, the City also enacted a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, with a mandate to provide guidance on the development of City policies that promote fairness, mutual respect and inclusion. This task force plays a critical role in shaping the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy and action plan – it makes recommendations to improve the delivery of equitable programs and services that are reflective of the diverse needs of residents and the diversity in municipal hiring and tendering practices.