Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings

The Province of Ontario has established guidelines for the use of all regulatory and warning signs.

Regulatory signs

include stop signs, yield signs, speed limit signs and turn/parking control signs. They are used to show or reinforce traffic laws and instruct road users on what they must, should or should not do.


Warning Signs

include sharp curve signs, checkerboard signs, speed hump signs, stop-ahead signs, and pedestrian ahead signs. They are used to give advance notice for an unexpected and potential hazard.

Please refer to the Ontario Traffic Manual for a full list of traffic signs and regulations.


Transportation and Fleet Management Services is required, in accordance with Provincial legislation (Minimum Maintenance Standards identified within the Ontario Traffic Manual), to inspect the retro-reflectivity for more than 20,000 signs within the City's each year. The signs that do not meet standards will be replaced or repaired.


To request a new traffic sign, or to report an existing sign to be repaired/ replaced, or to request a new one, please contact Service Vaughan at or 905-832-2281. You may also make requests online:


Pavement markings

Transportation and Fleet Management Services maintains more than 950 kilometres of roadways in accordance with the Provincial legislation. This service consists of the application of centre lines, lane lines, lane narrowing lines for traffic calming, turn/speed hump arrows, stop bars, crosswalks, and selected durable markings on all City roadways, each year. School crosswalks, where crossing guards are located, have pavement markings applied twice a year in an effort to further enhance visibility.


To report missing or faded pavement markings, or to request new ones, please contact Service Vaughan at or 905-832-2281. You may also make a request online: