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Safeguarding our financial future 


Happy New Year! 


I want to wish everyone in our city a happy and prosperous 2023. The past few years have been challenging, but we worked together, showed our resilience, and emerged stronger. That collective strength sustains us. We remain committed to achieving a brighter future for our city. That commitment is why our 2023 Budget and 2024-2026 Financial Plan are forward-looking. They invest in future generations, seek to improve an already impressive experience for our residents and ultimately provide the best value for taxpayers. 


Vaughan’s annual budget process is a critical component of city-building and, in 2023, will build upon our city’s already strong financial foundation. It embraces sustainable growth with opportunities through arts, culture, parks, trails and recreation. The objective is to make community investments that maintain economic sustainability while minimizing the tax burden on Vaughan residents and businesses. 


We recognize that residents have come to expect a standard of transparency, accountability and good governance from the City of Vaughan. That’s why we offer so many opportunities for residents to participate in the budget process, whether through e-mail, telephone or by appearing in person. Public consultation is a vital component of this work. 


The City of Vaughan has one of the lowest and most competitive tax rates in the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to keeping property taxes low and respecting taxpayers’ hard-earned money while delivering more than 200 high-quality public services and programs. 


I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Vaughan residents, my Council colleagues and members of our administration for their invaluable contributions to our budget process. Please accept my best wishes for you and your families in 2023.

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