Winter Waste Set-out

With snowy days ahead, when possible, it’s important to set waste bins back from the curb approximately one metre on the right-hand side of the driveway (when facing the home). This set out helps prevent waste materials from being knocked over or buried during snow clearing operations.

Bins and trees should never be placed on top of or behind snowbanks. This allows crews to safely collect waste and for plows to clear the snow effectively and efficiently in residential areas.

Garbage bags, blue recycling bins and a green bin lined up on the curb.

Don't 'snooze' on waste collection!

Set-out materials by 7 a.m. to ensure you don't get missed. Collectors will not return for items set out late. Please note, collection times may be impacted during winter weather conditions.


Are your recycling or organics items freezing to your bins?

With freezing temperatures in colder months, it's possible that some waste materials may freeze inside the bins and directly adhere to the bins' interior.


If your collector is unable to dislodge the waste materials by banging the container onto the truck, the material will remain inside of the bin. We ask that residents hold any materials that remain inside the collected containers until the following week. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, we are unable to return for bins that were not fully collected due to the material freezing inside.


To prevent material from freezing and adhering to the inside of the bins on colder days, the City recommends setting out material for 7 a.m., on the morning of your regular collection day, instead of the night before.


Example of a correct set out

Bins are placed neatly, in a horizontal line, across the driveway on the owner’s property and away from snowbanks and the curb.

winter placement of bins




Example Incorrect set out



Correct winter waste collection video